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We’re on a journey to create a better, more sustainable future.

Our aim is to create a positive impact through travel and tourism.

Adventure means something different to each of us, but rather than these differences dividing us, we are united by our love for our planet and the outdoors.

Humans are a nomadic species. Driven by our need for recreation, contemplation, connection and reflection, we are on the go. Besides being the world’s largest industry, travel and tourism have an enormous and unsustainable impact on energy, water, land and food use.

Travel brings us up close to some of our planet’s most stunning natural wonders and connects us with cultures around the globe. It also has the power to change places and the lives of the people who live there – for better or worse.

We are dreaming of a world where tourism actively contributes to environmental and community well-being.

We believe that people’s inherent wanderlust, their desire for new experiences and concern for the places they care for most can inspire the protection of the world’s natural and cultural bounty and generate economic opportunity in destinations that rely on visitors.

We have been charting a new course for travel and tourism — one that leads to a healthier environment, greater economic opportunity, social justice and the protection of natural and cultural resources.

We need to act urgently to tackle the rising effects of emissions from our holidays.

We believe that when done well, tourism can create many benefits to local communities and help with the conservation of natural and cultural heritage. We also believe that this way of traveling is richer and more enjoyable too. We need to fly less and when we do fly, make it count, and address the other components of holidays such as the energy used in the places we stay as well as the food we eat.

Brand Identity

The Spiral

One of our most ancient and enduring symbols, it represents the winding journeys we must take inward, if we’re to truly know and love ourselves. From these never-ending journeys we return with infinitely more power and wisdom.

The Sun

The almost universal connection of light with enlightenment or illumination, the sun is the source of wisdom, symbolizes success, friendship, growth, healing and joy. Cultures have myths about the sun, reflecting its importance in our lives.

Orange Color

Orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, creativity, success, change, health, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, and freedom.
The meaning of the color orange
is vibrant and flamboyant.


Founder & Product Designer
[email protected]

Building brands, creating projects from the ground up and translating them into compelling experiences by developing ideas, providing quality art and creative direction. 
Working over 14 years.

Founder & Account Executive
[email protected]

Experienced in sustainable manufacturing processes, supply chain management and corporate marketing over 15 years.

Sustainability Specialist
[email protected]

Experienced in sustainable agriculture and social practices, including the prevention of child labor and minimizing harmful impacts on ecosystems. Has a background in social impact management, corporate sustainability and being a part of projects with public institutions, organizations and NGOs over 20 years.

Join us building a better future for travel and tourism.

We are always looking for great minds to join us.